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Islamic Creative Learning Site (toys, books, games etc) 

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A collection of authentic resources for raising children (Troid) 


Women who are capable can make Hijra WITHOUT a mahram 

Sheikh Abdur Rahman Al Adanee explains: “if there exists from the women she who is rational, and resolute, and possesses insight and comprehension, and is able to travel and leave the land of disbelief to go to the land of Islaam, and she feels safe for herself from fitnah (tribulation), then this woman, it is … Continue reading

General fataawa on establishing relations through breastfeeding (radh’aa) and whether the child needs to suckle on the breast or can just drink the milk

Fatwas of Ibn Baz>Volume 22>Book on Breastfeeding>Effect of breastfeeding is specific to the breastfed baby: 168- The prohibition produced by breastfeeding is confined to the breastfed child: Question: There are two sisters; each has a number of children. The first breastfed her niece many times till she was sated and the second breastfed her nephew … Continue reading

Manners: Mentioning the name of Allah before wudhoo in the bathroom

source: silsilat ul-hudaa wa nnoor, 224/4 asaheeha translations Questioner: “What is the ruling on mentioning the name of Allaah before wudhoo in the bathroom?” Shaikh al-Albaani: “You mean for example a small room, two by two meters, with a toilet on one corner and a washbasin on the other side in which you make wudhoo?” … Continue reading

Arabic Alphabet Blocks 130 colour-coded by ArabicEmbellishments