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A collection of authentic resources for raising children (Troid) 

https://www.troid.ca/index.php/women/raising-children    Advertisements

General fataawa on establishing relations through breastfeeding (radh’aa) and whether the child needs to suckle on the breast or can just drink the milk

Fatwas of Ibn Baz>Volume 22>Book on Breastfeeding>Effect of breastfeeding is specific to the breastfed baby: 168- The prohibition produced by breastfeeding is confined to the breastfed child: Question: There are two sisters; each has a number of children. The first breastfed her niece many times till she was sated and the second breastfed her nephew … Continue reading

Non – Animated Children’s Books… Keep posted for more additions to this post

   The Monkey and the Wine Merchant- Upright series  1 http://www.salafibookstore.com/sbs/new/sbs.cfm?scn=productsdisplay&catID=20&subID=0&prodID=268 The Story of Adam alaihi Salaam – Darussalam   The Way to Jannah – Learning Roots    Children love colors just as they love the lyrical sound of poetry. “A Slice of Sunshine: The Poetry of Colors” combines the two to provide a treat … Continue reading