Regarding family issues you will find an array of posts to do with parenting and family dynamics from the sunnah and modern day research in sha Allah.

In regards to taking information and research from the kufaar on parenting, a sister once raised a concern with this although we have not heard any speech from the scholars against this and we have no daleel to forbid people from taking beneficial knowledge in matters of parenting as long as it does not contradict the sunnah. However, the matter was researched and the question was posed to some people of knowledge as we could not find anything from the Ulema regarding this issue:

We asked Ustadh Ibrahim Yilmaz at-Turki who has resided In Yemen for18yrs, 15 yrs of which was in Dammaj, he has  has tazkiyah from Sheikh Muqbil Al Wadi’I rahimahu Allah, and is well known to Sheikh AbdurRahmaan al Adani- hafidhahuAllah. He currently teaches Usool ath Thalatha to our Turkish brothers, you can find his work on http://www.davetul-enbiya.com.

It was asked to the Ustadh whether it is permissible to take from the kufaar with regards to parenting, and his response was basically: yes it is permissible as long as it does not contradict the sunnah and does not go to extremes.

The case in question referred to the permissibility of reward charts for encouraging good Islamic behaviour- such systems and methods are permissible in parenting he said as long as it does not go to the extremes or contradict the sunnah.

As some more general concerns were raised as to whether we could take from the kufaar in terms of parenting advice based on psychological studies, again the question was asked and the answer was again that as long as it does not contradict the sunnah then it is permissible- and this is common sense.

Likewise the Ustadha Umm Hamam as Salafiyah has answered us in a similar way when we asked her in a general sense if we could take from the kufaar in terms of parenting advice. Umm Hamam as-Salafiyah is a teacher of Aqeedah in two Masjids in Ireland and has studied Aqeedah with Shaykh Hasan Mazrooq al Banna through the al Wasitiyyah Institution for women. She has been teaching for the past 5 years and she is overlooking the blog posts




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