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Dr Sears- 8 ways to help a shy child 

https://www.askdrsears.com/topics/parenting/child-rearing-and-development/8-ways-help-shy-child Advertisements

A theory why you shouldn’t send your two year old to school ..


10 Problems with Attachment Parenting 


12 ways to bond with your kids – by abu Khadeejah 

Moving away from shame-based parenting 

Inspire Healthy Self Esteem in Your Children in 2015 By Moving Away From Shame-Based Parenting http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/6437472

Strict Conditions for hitting a child – (Arabic) Sheikh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen (rahimahu Allah)

 شُرُوطُ ضَرْبِ الصِّغَارِ 1.أنْ يكونَ الصغيرُ قابلًا للتأديب، فلا يضرب مَنْ لا يعرف المراد بالضرب . 2. أنْ يكونَ التأديب ممَّنْ له ولايةٌ عليه . 3. أن لا يسرف في ذلك كميةً أو كيفيةً أو نوعًا أو موضعًا إلى غير ذلك. 4. أنْ يقع من الصغير ما يستحق التأديب عليه. 5. أنْ يقصد تأديبَهُ لا … Continue reading

Islam against extremism – leaflet to give to teachers. 

Understanding Terrorism – A Guide for Teachers & Students (Qty 50 – £2.50) This leaflet outlines the basic beliefs of a Muslim and the sources of the religion of Islam. It sheds light on the topics of Jihad and also clarifies the position of the Muslim with regards terrorism, how they can see signs of … Continue reading

Cultivating your children in times of fitnah- Shaykh Abdullah ad-Dhamari


Useful parenting websites!! 

This post is a work in progress and I will be adding more websites along the way in sha Allah – all suggestions are welcome!  1) This site really stood out to me. AHA parenting has so many resources on gentle discipline, raising a child to love reading, Instillinh emotional intelligence in kids and so … Continue reading

Shouting at children can affect their brains..