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Giving children gifts for memorizing Quraan – Answered by Shaykh Muhammad bin Hadi Al-Madkhali

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Famous poem pre-Islam. A mother advising her daughter on 10 qualities of a WIFE. 

‘Abd al-Malik (RA) said: “When ‘Awf ibn Muhallim al-Shaybani, one of the most highly respected leaders of the Arab nobility during the jahiliyyah, married his daughter Umm Iyas to al-Harith ibn ‘Amr al-Kindi, she was made ready to be taken to the groom, then her mother, Umamah came into her, to advise her and said: … Continue reading

Don’t say:  “Mashallah” say “Maa Shaa Allah”

Moosa Richardson explains … http://salaf-us-saalih.com/2012/04/04/dont-say-mashallah-say-maa-shaa-allaah/   

When to say Ma sha Allah tabarak Allah- Sheikh Ibn Uthaymeen rahimahu Allah explains 

This is a beautiful ruling from the sunnah – many people get this wrong. This is a must watch video so that we can teach our children the sunnah in this respect.  http://salaf-us-saalih.com/2010/02/11/when-to-say-masha-allah-barakallah/   

Manners: Mentioning the name of Allah before wudhoo in the bathroom

source: silsilat ul-hudaa wa nnoor, 224/4 asaheeha translations Questioner: “What is the ruling on mentioning the name of Allaah before wudhoo in the bathroom?” Shaikh al-Albaani: “You mean for example a small room, two by two meters, with a toilet on one corner and a washbasin on the other side in which you make wudhoo?” … Continue reading

The Manners of Welcoming the New-Born Child in Islaam