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Lush barefoot baby shoes (Eco-leather) 

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Best blanket and nursing support for newborn 

This was gifted to me by my sister in law, it’s nice and heavy to comfort baby and big enough to scrunch underneath him while nursing instead of faffing around to find the right sized pillow  http://www.next.co.uk/gc110000s10#891901

Nursing babies to sleep according to 3 schools of thought 


30 points for a mother to be …

This is my advice I recently gave to an old friend and new mother! It’s taken from some rushed notes I made soon after the time I had my now 3yr old boy, and has now been revised after the birth of my second. It might just be totally relevant to me but I thought … Continue reading

Travelling with a baby – tips from Umm Summayah 


General fataawa on establishing relations through breastfeeding (radh’aa) and whether the child needs to suckle on the breast or can just drink the milk

Fatwas of Ibn Baz>Volume 22>Book on Breastfeeding>Effect of breastfeeding is specific to the breastfed baby: 168- The prohibition produced by breastfeeding is confined to the breastfed child: Question: There are two sisters; each has a number of children. The first breastfed her niece many times till she was sated and the second breastfed her nephew … Continue reading