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Seeds to eat during menstrual cycle 

“Grind all the seeds seperate and store them in glass jars in fridge.  Day 1-14 have flaxseed and pumpkin seed 1 tbsp each Day 15-30 have sesame seed and sunflower seed and primrose oil 1tbsp each. Have in morning and day 1 is first day of your period Add to smoothie or beetroot juice Don’t … Continue reading

Kill bugs with this antibiotic 8-ingredient fermented remedy 


Natural/Organic Halal meat delivered to London and beyond. 

The lamb and beef from this farm is organically grass fed, not stunned, not on hormones or antibiotics and actually halal.  I was told by the farm that although the chickens from this farm don’t eat GM corn, their food is not organic due to cost – however they are raised naturally and reared for … Continue reading

How to combine foods properly. 

 I literally thought there had to be no order of shoving good food inside me – but no wonder I don’t feel as great as I should… Proteins and carbs are apparently the worse combo ever!! So bad for the digestive system… What a waste of healthy eating… So just come to realise that lentils, … Continue reading

No Bake – Cocoa, Coconut, Oat delights. 

Here’s a batch I made earlier – with a better moulding and a nice box these would make an AMAZING present – everyone who tried these loved them and said they tasted so expensive – and they’re actually SO easy to make- or else I would have never bothered Alhamdulillah I did.  Also after the … Continue reading

Spirulina Baby Biscuits for Radiation Protection

A few studies give me hope that spirulina can slow down the aging process (for me), and mitigate any damage done through our excessive use of mobiles and wireless devices (for my child)- but Allahu Alam… This site sums it up for the lay man, but I’m not sure about the actuality of the claims:  … Continue reading