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Could the vein on your child’s nose be a sugar bug? This is what Chinese medicine has to say… 

Sugar Bug! The mysterious vein on your child’s nose Advertisements

The Child Vaccine debate

I am in no way informed to give advice but maybe my experience might help someone. A family friend who is studying pharmacy put it quite nicely: this is such a vast contraversial subject it cannot be tackled in one conversation. Some would think otherwise.  We are all limited we can only read what we … Continue reading

Is a bouncer harmful to a baby’s development? 


The non-toxic toy challenge: a review on how to make plastic toys less toxic. 

Short answer: Self-adhesive felt.  (Having looked at my son’s growing boxes of lego, I never put this into practice, but for those who’s kids don’t regularly play with such miniscule plastic toys- this may be of use…. Due to necessity- I eventually decided, plastic all the way!)  Since reading about the link between some plastic … Continue reading

Natural/Organic Halal meat delivered to London and beyond. 

The lamb and beef from this farm is organically grass fed, not stunned, not on hormones or antibiotics and actually halal.  I was told by the farm that although the chickens from this farm don’t eat GM corn, their food is not organic due to cost – however they are raised naturally and reared for … Continue reading

Shouting at children can affect their brains.. 


We have to teach our children how to regulate their emotions in sha Allah 

Check this site:  http://main.zerotothree.org/site/PageServer?pagename=ter_par_1224_selfcontrol According to Ellen Galinsky, president and co-founder of the Families and Work Institute and author of Mind in the Making, regulating one’s thinking, emo- tions, and behavior is critical for success in school, work, and life (2010) https://www.naeyc.org/files/yc/file/201107/Self-Regulation_Florez_OnlineJuly2011.pdf

Harvard Study Confirms Fluoride Reduces Children’s IQ

Spread this news post and the info graphic. http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/2479833   

The long term after care and complications they don’t tell you about circumscision. 

This is my personal experience and various information that I have found over the past year or so of asking and researching. This is not a medical article I am in no way qualified – but there are things that people need to be aware about before considering the plastibell method: It seems that the … Continue reading

Online discussion on white spots on circumscised rim of baby’s penis 

Since posting this article I’ve realised my son had pencils adhesions and that the white spots were smegma where the skin hadn’t fused – so the discussion below may not be helpful at all. Please refer to the article about the dangers of plastibell method in the Circumscision section under baby health section on the … Continue reading