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Seeds to eat during menstrual cycle 

“Grind all the seeds seperate and store them in glass jars in fridge.  Day 1-14 have flaxseed and pumpkin seed 1 tbsp each Day 15-30 have sesame seed and sunflower seed and primrose oil 1tbsp each. Have in morning and day 1 is first day of your period Add to smoothie or beetroot juice Don’t … Continue reading

Kill bugs with this antibiotic 8-ingredient fermented remedy 


Could the vein on your child’s nose be a sugar bug? This is what Chinese medicine has to say… 

Sugar Bug! The mysterious vein on your child’s nose

The Child Vaccine debate

I am in no way informed to give advice but maybe my experience might help someone. A family friend who is studying pharmacy put it quite nicely: this is such a vast contraversial subject it cannot be tackled in one conversation. Some would think otherwise.  We are all limited we can only read what we … Continue reading

Is a bouncer harmful to a baby’s development? 


The non-toxic toy challenge: a review on how to make plastic toys less toxic. 

Short answer: Self-adhesive felt.  (Having looked at my son’s growing boxes of lego, I never put this into practice, but for those who’s kids don’t regularly play with such miniscule plastic toys- this may be of use…. Due to necessity- I eventually decided, plastic all the way!)  Since reading about the link between some plastic … Continue reading

Natural/Organic Halal meat delivered to London and beyond. 

The lamb and beef from this farm is organically grass fed, not stunned, not on hormones or antibiotics and actually halal.  I was told by the farm that although the chickens from this farm don’t eat GM corn, their food is not organic due to cost – however they are raised naturally and reared for … Continue reading

What multi- tasking does to the brain 

Decrease in productivity, IQ, short term memory, stress and much more may be owed to the way we multitask in the modern world.  http://www.theguardian.com/science/2015/jan/18/modern-world-bad-for-brain-daniel-j-levitin-organized-mind-information-overload

How to combine foods properly. 

 I literally thought there had to be no order of shoving good food inside me – but no wonder I don’t feel as great as I should… Proteins and carbs are apparently the worse combo ever!! So bad for the digestive system… What a waste of healthy eating… So just come to realise that lentils, … Continue reading

Shouting at children can affect their brains..