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Learning the Arabic Alphabet

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Free Toddlers Arabic curriculum!!! 


Books to teach the children about the Prophets and the Seerah


Easy way to cover eyes on books… 

I tried stickers and markers and I found that either they weren’t baby proof or didn’t do the job properly – so finally bought a paintbrush and some black acrylic. Easy.   

Arabic resources for kids online

http://www.hello-world.com/Arabic/games/children.php/?translate=Arabic ———– http://www.arabicfirst.co.uk/kids-corner/   

Arabic Children’s Books Resources

It goes without saying that I do not endorse all the books in these links – they are just useful sites for comparing books and seeing what’s out there in the Arab world:     Above are some books I bought from Al- kitab – quite expensive but I loved the content and design. http://www.alkitab.com/7513.html Qatar … Continue reading

Fataawa on Pictures in children’s books 

http://www.maktabasalafiya.blogspot.com/2011/11/questions-pertaining-to-childrens-games.html You need to scroll down for the part about pictures in books for education. The whole thing is beneficial though and if you check all the posts under family,  they are  real treasure maashaa Allah. This is also relevant and another opinion  Moosa Richardson explains about images and children’s toys in the following audio  … Continue reading