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Does your child really need glasses? In my case – no he didn’t. This is how I found out.

I had no idea about how glasses worked or how they even prescribe them, and it’s taken me a while to get my head round it all, but what I found out could save someone’s child being wrongly prescribed glasses in sha Allah. About a year ago now I was told to take my then … Continue reading

Dr Sears- 8 ways to help a shy child 


Learning the Arabic Alphabet


Free Toddlers Arabic curriculum!!! 


What do Pregnant and breastfeeding women do about their missed fasts? 


Prophetic Medicine and  Online Health Shops run by the jama’ah ! Ma sha Allah 


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Infertility is an expiation of sins – explained by Sheikh Bin Baz 


Seeds to eat during menstrual cycle 

“Grind all the seeds seperate and store them in glass jars in fridge.  Day 1-14 have flaxseed and pumpkin seed 1 tbsp each Day 15-30 have sesame seed and sunflower seed and primrose oil 1tbsp each. Have in morning and day 1 is first day of your period Add to smoothie or beetroot juice Don’t … Continue reading