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Favourite Quran reciters: tbc

Fadi al Dali from Gaza Advertisements

There’s only one disease… “Never fear cancer again” – by Raymond Francis

https://www.naturopathiceuropeanmedicinecentre.com/never-fear-cancer-again-dr-saputo-with-raymond-francis-video/ One of the biggest favours you can do yourself is watch this video. I LOVE Raymond Francis. Not only is he qualified, but his logic has revolutionised the way so many people think about health across the board. The fact that in his old age he nearly died and healed himself from chemical toxicity … Continue reading

No Yeast, Einkorn Flatbread Recipe.

This recipe below is ridiculously easy, not bad for your gut and kids can get involved. No yeast and no mainstream hybridised wheat which is at the root of so many allergies and health problems. (See this video about allergies by Barbara O’Neil https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1ptkeIUpYNI ) I’ve just opted for Einkorn instead of normal flour. Added … Continue reading

Amazing video on how to combat allergies! By Barbara O’Neil

2 articles that taught me how to ferment vegetables safely and properly

https://www.foodrenegade.com/3-biggest-fermenting-mistakes-youre-already-making/ https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/cultured.guru/blog/how-much-salt-should-you-use-to-ferment-vegetables-how-to-ferment-vegetables%3fformat=amp

A Tuition Club for Homeschoolers in Manchester

A bit about the Tuition Club in Manchester : It’s an aid to homeschooling parents. It works like a mini school mon, wed, thurs, 10-3pm. Some parents opt for one or two days only. They tailor their teaching to each child. Challenge each child according to their level and ability. I know most of the … Continue reading

ORGANIC BURST – A Pure Spirulina source for kids .

FREE FROM ANY TOXINS, CHEAP FILLERS & HEAVY METALS Chlorella & Spirulina can absorb toxins from their environment, that’s why it’s crucial that they are grown in controlled and super pure conditions.  Scroll down on this link to find out why this is my favourite company. https://www.organicburst.com/pages/know-your-source

Pure Metal Pans to cook in for kids – without heavy metal leakage/toxicity

SO… after hours of research having found out even stainless steel pans leak metals into our food!!!!! I found out that cast iron pans are the best! Best for health and best for cooking it turns out. Le Creuset were out of my price range and these Ikea ones had a good guarantee, and one … Continue reading

Does your child really need glasses? In my case – no he didn’t. This is how I found out.

I had no idea about how glasses worked or how they even prescribe them, and it’s taken me a while to get my head round it all, but what I found out could save someone’s child being wrongly prescribed glasses in sha Allah. About a year ago now I was told to take my then … Continue reading

Dr Sears- 8 ways to help a shy child