A growing resource for mums striving to succeed in modern life, according to the beauty of Allah’s deen.

What’s in it?

In a nut shell – authentic Islamic parenting advice and fataawa, as well as the latest research on development/education/health etc. Also a few posts on entertainment, life hacks and even beauty tips. So you’ll find anything from aqeedah lessons for kids, to the latest psychological research.

For an explanation on how we have selected the information we post and why – please visit the subject pages in the top menu that broadly correlate to the categories you will find on the RHS.

The story behind this blog…

It is the culmination of useful posts shared by beloved likeminded sisters worldwide over the course of the past few years- so may Allah give them the ajar for all their efforts in researching the most beneficial sites and articles so that we can share them between us.

The group of sisters were added to a “parenting upon Quran and sunnah and way of the salaf” telegram group around Ramadhan 1435 A.H – sharing posts on parenting in the most halal, ecological, positive and successful way possible.

Our support:

Alhamdulillah – a talibat ul ‘ilm will be overlooking the posts on the site: Umm Hamamm (Jillian McNicol) is a teacher of Aqeedah in two Masjids in Ireland and has studied Aqeedah with Shaykh Hasan Mazrooq al Banna through the al Wasitiyyah Institution for women. She has been teaching for the past 6 years. You can see her work on her blog.


For any further questions please contact:

Sarah – sarsoor77@gmail.com



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