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Lectures about Raising Children

*Lectures about raising childern
*Allah is ever watchful over you so fear Allah in dealing with your spouse* – Rasheed Barbee http://www.westlondondawah.net/allah-is-ever-watchful-over-you-so-fear-allah-in-dealing-with-your-spouse-rasheed-barbee/

*Six aqeedah lessons for small children* – Moosa Richardson https://www.troid.ca/women/raising-children/1559-aqeedah-lessons-for-small-children

 *Establishing an islamic household* – Abu Khadijah ‘Abd al-Wahid https://www.troid.ca/women/raising-children/1847-establishing-an-islamic-household

*Examples of how the people of the past used to raise their children and interact with their families* – Zakariyyah ibn Ghulam al-Bakistani https://www.troid.ca/women/raising-children/678-examples-of-how-the-people-of-the-past-used-to-raise-their-children-and-interact-with-their-families

*How to nurture children upon the prophetic sunnah (3 parts)* – Aby Iyad Amjad Rafiq https://www.troid.ca/women/raising-children/1895-how-to-nurture-children-upon-the-prophetic-sunnah

*Steps in cultivating children and family upon the sunnah* – Abu Khadijah ‘Abd Al-Wahid (3 parts)* https://www.troid.ca/women/raising-children/1908-steps-in-cultivating-children-and-family-upon-the-sunnah

*The waleemah: how to eat. how much to eat and teaching your children how to eat from buloogh al maraam (2 parts)* – Abu Khadeejah *http://www.salafisounds.com/the-waleemah-etiquettes-of-eating-part-3-bulooghul-maram-by-abu-khadeejah/

*Nurturing the family conference: All of you are shepherds (2 parts)* – Abu Idrees http://www.salafisounds.com/all-of-you-are-shepherds-by-abu-idrees-muhammad-part-1
Korte vertaalde clips van de geleerden met betrekking tot kinderen:

*How to make our children and families love the faith* – Shaykh Saalih al Fawzaanhttp://www.westlondondawah.net/how-to-make-our-children-families-love-the-faith-shaykh-salih-bin-fawzan-al-fawzan/

*My wife is pregnant and vomits a lot during ramadhaan* – Shaykh Ubaid Al Jabiree http://www.westlondondawah.net/my-wife-is-pregnant-and-vomits-a-lot-during-ramadhan-shaykh-ubayd-al-jabiri/

*Is it allowed for children to read and write fictional stories* – Shaykh Ubaid Al Jabiree http://www.westlondondawah.net/is-it-allowed-for-children-to-read-and-write-fictional-stories-to-develop-their-reading-and-writing-skills



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