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Lush barefoot baby shoes (Eco-leather) 

http://www.ollipops.com/bobux-4396-navy-moroccan-tile-bobux-baby-shoes.asp?gclid=CKry-s_bhNACFQML0wodv4cG5Q   Advertisements

Educational Arabic Videos for kids – no music 

This youtube channel has videos for a variety of ages. As far as I have seen there are no videos with music and for those against the cartoon images of people present – there are quite a few videos with cartoon images which do not try to recreate what Allah has created (although I personally … Continue reading

Best blanket and nursing support for newborn 

This was gifted to me by my sister in law, it’s nice and heavy to comfort baby and big enough to scrunch underneath him while nursing instead of faffing around to find the right sized pillow  http://www.next.co.uk/gc110000s10#891901

12 ways to bond with your kids – by abu Khadeejah 

Moving away from shame-based parenting 

Inspire Healthy Self Esteem in Your Children in 2015 By Moving Away From Shame-Based Parenting http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/6437472

Lectures about Raising Children

*Lectures about raising childern *Allah is ever watchful over you so fear Allah in dealing with your spouse* – Rasheed Barbee http://www.westlondondawah.net/allah-is-ever-watchful-over-you-so-fear-allah-in-dealing-with-your-spouse-rasheed-barbee/ *Six aqeedah lessons for small children* – Moosa Richardson https://www.troid.ca/women/raising-children/1559-aqeedah-lessons-for-small-children  *Establishing an islamic household* – Abu Khadijah ‘Abd al-Wahid https://www.troid.ca/women/raising-children/1847-establishing-an-islamic-household *Examples of how the people of the past used to raise their children … Continue reading

Nursing babies to sleep according to 3 schools of thought 


Could the vein on your child’s nose be a sugar bug? This is what Chinese medicine has to say… 

Sugar Bug! The mysterious vein on your child’s nose