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Natural/Organic Halal meat delivered to London and beyond. 

The lamb and beef from this farm is organically grass fed, not stunned, not on hormones or antibiotics and actually halal. 

I was told by the farm that although the chickens from this farm don’t eat GM corn, their food is not organic due to cost – however they are raised naturally and reared for 12 weeks unlike some organic chickens that are a poor breed of hen and killed at 4 weeks max, after which they would need hormones to just be able to stand up. The chickens aren’t on hormones or antibiotics and they have more than enough space to roam around.
 “Free range” in supermarket terms can mean as much as opening a door on a packed shed of hens, so the fact that they boast that you can visit the farm to see the quality of the farming is reassuring. 
With postage this meat might look like it’s twice or three times the cost – but it’s worth eating less and eating pure, clean meat, having piece of mind that it’s actually halal and actually naturally reared – bar the legal loopholes. 

Anyone who doesn’t normally tolerate chicken probably doesn’t because of all the hormones and pellets they’re pumped with. I would recommend this for a different experience. 




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