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Cute wooden Arabic numbers puzzle… 

   Bought this for £3 from an Islamic book shop in Manchester (next to worldwide for any interested Mancunians out there).  They have a website on the top left hand corner – not checked that out so I’m not endorsing any of their other products, have no idea what they’re about- but this game is … Continue reading

What to pray after menstruation…


The reality of Islam. Some useful links.

•7 questions on Islam: http://www.spubs.com/sps/sp.cfm?subsecID=NMM01&articleID=NMM010003&articlePages=1 Leaflet pdf: https://www.abukhadeejah.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Seven-Fundamental-Questions.pdf •Western Liberalist Ideology in Light of Islam: https://www.slideshare.net/mobile/jasicom/sacred-freedom-by-haneef-oliver-presentation?fbclid=IwAR0h0ZKOMeOvL-ps1wCeymLCGDAdRAPPkzwR8FsvwdSuZsCBKwFgboTHbCY •What did the Prophet Muhammad say about the terrorists that would come out of Syria and Iraq? All exposed in this book: http://www.prophetmuhammad.name/articles/acyynex-cover-letter-template-for-the-prophet-of-islam-book.cfm •Why homosexuality is prohibited in Islam: https://archive.org/details/islam-homosexuality-book •Understanding Terrorism – A Guide for Teachers & Students … Continue reading

Fine Motor Activities for Kids 


22 Q&A’s about the Foundations of Faith (20 MP3s)

This is really just a fantastic short course for new Muslims- (maybe some parents will find this useful for themselves in order to teach their kids) Back to the basics in Islamic beliefs! This weekly class is a reading and explanation of the book, “Essential Questions and Answers Concerning the Foundations of Eemaan,” by Shaykh … Continue reading

Giving children gifts for memorizing Quraan – Answered by Shaykh Muhammad bin Hadi Al-Madkhali

Miraath Publications Video Upload:http://www.safeshare.tv/w/ss5662e782ba7e3   

“The Prophet’s Prayer Described” kid’s workbook !! 


What multi- tasking does to the brain 

Decrease in productivity, IQ, short term memory, stress and much more may be owed to the way we multitask in the modern world.  http://www.theguardian.com/science/2015/jan/18/modern-world-bad-for-brain-daniel-j-levitin-organized-mind-information-overload