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Baby Bedroom Art Gallery

These are some photos I’ve collected that I want featured interchangeably on my baby’s bedroom wall. Sounds pretentious as anything, but I know he will love them.  Advertisements

Beautiful idea for a child’s bedroom. 

Found this on Pinterest by Jacquelyn Portolese. Stunning – I love it. So simple but will make such a difference for a child’s life.    

Easy way to cover eyes on books… 

I tried stickers and markers and I found that either they weren’t baby proof or didn’t do the job properly – so finally bought a paintbrush and some black acrylic. Easy.   

Children reciting Quran- beautiful quality, set in the countryside. 

Useful parenting websites!! 

This post is a work in progress and I will be adding more websites along the way in sha Allah – all suggestions are welcome!  1) This site really stood out to me. AHA parenting has so many resources on gentle discipline, raising a child to love reading, Instillinh emotional intelligence in kids and so … Continue reading