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Example letter to start your own halal baby club in your local mosque

I am proud to say that our brothers and sisters at the Markaz Salafi in Manchester UK were very responsive to the need for a music-free fitna- free environment for our babies to play and socialise! This is an example letter you can send to your local masjid to start a baby club in your area of you don’t already have one:
Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatuh Allah 
The mothers of ahlul sunnah are in need of a baby club that is free from the fitna of music and the akhlaaq of the kufaar. Much like the baby club offered by the markaz as salafi in Manchester alhamdulillah, which has proved to be quite successful on many levels. 

We want to raise strong sociable Arabic speaking muslims in sha Allah – we want to instil the love of the deen in their hearts through the gatherings of the pious women and children in sha Allah, secure from the fitna of instruments and image making. We do not want to deny them of the social and cognitive benefits that children from ages 0-4 will all benefit from at such clubs that the kufaar insure their children frequent. 
This is our intention fe sabil illah- The added bonus is strengthening of sisterhood between us and opening up an opportunity to fundraise for any other projects the masjid might have. 
I am sure people would be willing to pay at least £3 per family for using the masjid. I am sure many sisters will volunteer their services to be in charge of the club in sha Allah, and we can decide on activities between us in sha Allah. 
Jazakum Allahu khayr 



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