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The long term after care and complications they don’t tell you about circumscision. 

This is my personal experience and various information that I have found over the past year or so of asking and researching. This is not a medical article I am in no way qualified – but there are things that people need to be aware about before considering the plastibell method:

It seems that the plastibell method is apparently a more fool proof method that doesn’t require a very skilled surgeon – yet poses many risks that are hardly discussed anywhere. 

The risk posed by the slip of a hand vs the many slip-ups that can happen with the plastibell need to be weighed up. A plastibell once on, can either slip too far back causing a tight skin on the shaft requiring plastic surgery when older, or can even slip too low or be put on too low in the first place possibly requiring re-Circumscision later in life.

My 2 yr old son had his circumscion a year ago and now the skin has rehealed slightly over the rim. This is apparently common with plastibell method circumscision, but even forceps method if the child has a “buried penis”.

The urologist advised to fully pull the forskin back at every nappy change to clean and prevent complete refusion, I was doing this I thought but obviously not enough to prevent fusing in the first place – or maybe it is inevitable and he had buried penis. 

Some tiny parts of the skin have not rehealed over the rim – which is evident from the smegma that has built up. These lumps of smegma I am trying to get out by wiping with warm cotton wool as advised, and will apply organic olive oil in sha Allah to help extract it as olive oil is used to extract dirt out, plus I don’t think it will harm as the Dr said this is  safe and will help soften the skin anyway, which may aid in the skin coming away in sha Allah later on. And according to the GP this smegma will gently push out itself and just needs gentle cleaning.

Dr Ali suggests not to seperate the skin from the glans if it has grown there, as it could happen again and again. He says later on in life when he is much older it should seperate when he has an adult erection.

I hope this info and the articles help someone – if you know anyone who has a boy please pass this on as no one is really aware of this complication that could develop after even a year. 
I have updated this article as having just had my second son circumscised by DR al Ali in London – I personally feel the forceps method is far superior to the plastibell method. They can talk to you about this: http://circumcisioninlondon.co.uk/index.html

Slight pain was experienced on injecting local anaesthetic and afterwards it was demonstrated that there was no sensation in that area – the surgery was clean the staff very helpful and professional. The cut was cauterised and he didn’t need stitches – he was hardly in any pain or discomfort more than normal apart from the fact that he was extra gassy because I couldn’t burp him properly due to not being able to hold him with his front touching anything. With the plastibell my son was much older so it was obviously more traumatising. 

With the traditional forceps method there is a risk of the surgeon cutting off too much – but this is unlikely to happen with a skilled surgeon in sha Allah. Especially someone like Dr Al Ali who has been doing the same thing for 30yrs or so.

SINCE HAVING MY 3rd SON CIRCUMCISED by home visit in Manchester I would definitely opt for https://www.circumcision-manchester.co.uk

You can see my review of the place below. Allah protect all our boys – Ameen  



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