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Online discussion on white spots on circumscised rim of baby’s penis 

Since posting this article I’ve realised my son had penile adhesions and that the white spots were smegma where the skin hadn’t fused – so the discussion below may not be helpful at all.

Please refer to the article about the dangers of plastibell method in the Circumscision section under baby health section on the right hand side of the home page 

I’ve since found out that these white spots were absolutely nothing to worry about in our case and neither are penile adhesions. Alhamdulillah in most cases they sort themselves out as the child gets older in sha Allah.

But of course I am not a professional. A GP is a professional – but in many cases in the U.K. absolutely clueless when it comes to circumcisions . I would personally ask the experts! (Below)

This discussion may be helpful or maybe someone has something beneficial to add to it. If anything it further exemplifies how little we know about this subject in the west and how online discussions are really not a place to seek any real answers.





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