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Activities for under 5's

Non – Animated Children’s Books… Keep posted for more additions to this post

The Monkey and the Wine Merchant- Upright series  1 http://www.salafibookstore.com/sbs/new/sbs.cfm?scn=productsdisplay&catID=20&subID=0&prodID=268

The Story of Adam alaihi Salaam – Darussalam  

The Way to Jannah – Learning Roots

Children love colors just as they love the lyrical sound of poetry. “A Slice of Sunshine: The Poetry of Colors” combines the two to provide a treat for the eyes as well as the ears. Each color is celebrated with its own flowing free verse poetry and a bright abstract canopy that showcases its many moods and possibilities. 

In this book children are not only introduced to color and the music of poetry. They will meet a monkey tossing a bright yellow banana peel on a green jungle floor, a child cuddled up in the arms of a big brown bear, a child with a face covered in bubble gum pink. Red, yellow, green- all the colors of the rainbow and more are presented, culminating in a riot of color and words that brings them all together in one grand show. 

“A Slice of Sunshine” invites children and parents alike to experience colors in a whole new way, and to drink deeply of the taste of sunshine. “A Slice of Sunshine: The Poetry of Colors” has been created to comply with Islamic legal legislation, and does not contain any pictures of creatures with souls. It has been granted the “Halal Choice!” designation.






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