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Spirulina Baby Biscuits for Radiation Protection

A few studies give me hope that spirulina can slow down the aging process (for me), and mitigate any damage done through our excessive use of mobiles and wireless devices (for my child)- but Allahu Alam…

This site sums it up for the lay man, but I’m not sure about the actuality of the claims: 


Here are a few facts of how nutritious spirulina is anyway: http://wellnessmama.com/4738/spirulina-herb-profile/

So mainly for piece of mind, and as a much needed alternative to sugary and salty baby biscuits, I’m adding spirulina to this made up spirulina loaf recipe. 

For those of you who can actually bake maybe you can add a teaspoon or so to your own loaf recipe (experiment with smaller amounts of you’re not keen on the taste)

1 cup of brown flour 

1/4 cup of ground almonds

1 teaspoon allspice (to mask the taste) 

1 teaspoon spirulina 

2 tablespoons of honey 

A bit of water 

One egg 

Mixed it all up – cooked on medium heat on middle shelf til I thought it was cooked – over an hour. 

Baby seemed to like it – so I call that a success no matter what it looked like! 




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