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Albanian baby exercise tips

In a frantic panic that I wasn’t exercising my baby properly, and that I wasn’t giving him the best start in life, I tried finding out what nations were winning competitions like strongest man of the year, and who had the best reputations for athleticism, endurance and street fighting… Obviously, that was silly as there is no straight answer to any of that, subhanAllah, but even after ironing out some urban myths – it seemed that Albanians do boast an history of bringing up some of the strongest men, bi idhnillah. 
I wondered how they were exercising their babies and if it was any different to the rest of us.

So I asked an Albanian friend of mine who happened to be there at the time. Baarak Allahu feeha, she asked around the village for me, and these are the tips they told her:
 1) When, your baby wakes up rub him on the chest/ shoulders/ back to wake him up and relax the muscles. 
2) As your baby is laying down make his arms into a cross X shape with the left over the right arm, and then again with the right arm over the left, and press gently on his arms. 
3) Let your baby crawl! Dont leave him in the cot for too long at a time. When he is in the cot and old enough, let him hold on to bars high up and stretch whilst he is playing and you support his legs. 
These were the only tips I could get, more than anything, it put my mind at rest that I wasn’t that far off doing what maybe mothers of the world’s strongest men were doing! Then again, those mothers might be doing something completely different. I’m still trying to find out so if anyone has any info on that please do share.   




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